The Mint Julep Martini & more uses of fresh mint

I was walking Pixel the other day and stopped to talk with my neighbor who was outside pulling weeds - or what he thought was weeds.  Turns out he was yanking out a ton of mint that was growing near his front door!

I immediately informed him he was uprooting a perfectly good herbal gift from Mother Nature and told him all the wonderful things he could do with the spearmint he thought was a weed:
  • Obviously you can make some wonderful mint infused martinis!  Today I've posted the Mint Julep Martini, a classic southern bourbon cocktail.
  • You can infuse your bourbon and other liquors with mint.
  • Muddled fresh mint is a necessity in a mojito!
  • You can flavor your teas or even coffee with mint.
  • You can create flavored sugars (article on how will be posted tomorrow) for cooking and mixing cocktails.
  • You can create flavored simple syrups for your bar.
  • Fresh mint is great in salads - I love it in a strawberry salad.
  • You can dry the mint and store for use later.
  • Crush up some mint leaves and add to water and you can heat this to infuse your home with mint.
  • You can create scented salts for your bath.
  • Put a few smaller mint leaves in an ice cube tray and fill with water for some fun ice cubes.
  • Perfect for a natural breath freshener!
  • Sprinkle a few mint leaves in the back of your cabinets to keep out bugs!
  • Planting mint around the perimeter of your home will keep the bugs out before they get to your cupboards!
 Of course, I dragged all his pulled up mint home - my mother always said "Waste Not, Want Not"!


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