The STINGER Martini - A Hollywood "Cocktale"

Brandy STINGER Cocktail Recipe

Most likely derived from a popular pre-Prohibition drink called The Judge* (two parts brandy, one part crème de menthe and simple syrup), The Stinger is a "duo" cocktail.  A duo is a drink that contains only a liqueur and a spirit, with the liqueur acting as a cocktail sweetener. (FYI: If a creamy element is added a cocktail is a "trio".)

The Stinger is a classic cocktail with some fun Hollywood history. In the 1957 film Kiss Them For Me, Cary Grant and Jayne Mansfield were drinking them. Grant seemed to have enjoyed the Stinger because he also enjoyed one in the film The Bishop's Wife.

The Vodka Stinger even has starring role in a song line, "...Another chance to disapprove, another brilliant zinger. Another reason not to move, another Vodka Stinger!" from the Sondheim song Ladies Who Lunch.

This cocktail calls for a good brandy, feel free to go all out with a high end Cognac. There's no place for cheap hooch to hide in this simple duo.

STINGER Cocktail with Ingredients & Directions


1-3/4 Oz Brandy
2/3 Oz White Crème de Menthe

Pour ingredients over ice in an old fashioned glass. Stir to chill and serve. 

Voiceover Video with Ingredients and Directions:

A Vodka Stinger replaces the brandy with vodka.
If you keep the brandy and replace the white creme de menthe with green creme de menthe you get a Green Hornet.

* according to Jerry Sullivan's 1930 The Drinks of Yesteryear: A Mixology.

Updated 3-2022

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