The Pineapple Mango Smoothie Martini

It was hot and I thought a smoothie would be a great late day refresher but it was also nearing happy hour so I decided to make another martini smoothie! I had done before when I had some ripe fruits and leftover juices and it was quite successful.

I thought the coconut, pineapple and mango rums would be a perfect fit for the banana and pineapple flavors and I thought a bit of lime would lend a little tang plus I needed my creamy element. I always have frozen limeade and heavy cream around for one of my favorite cocktails, the Key Lime Pie Martini, so I was good to go.

I tossed the whole kit and kaboodle into a blender with some ice, then took a small taste and added the powdered sugar for a bit more sweetness. You can test your mixture and leave this out if you prefer.

This is also very easy to convert to a non-alcoholic martini recipe - just leave out the rums! Needless to say, like any smoothie recipe, you can toss in any fruits you happen to like - there aren't too many fruits that don't go well with rum. You can also switch out the rum for the same flavors of infused vodkas as martini smoothies are pretty forgiving as far as flavor mixtures are concerned.

Want to make it a healthy organic martini? Use organic fruits and juices, substitute honey or another natural sweetener for the sugar and replace the cream with a plain organic yogurt! There is also a trend for distilling organic liquors out there but more on that later.

To your health!

Updated 8-2016

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