The Fourth of July Martini is an explosive experience!

The Fourth of July Martini should get the fireworks started in your mouth - it's rimmed with Pop Rocks! Yes, I said Pop Rocks. Notice I used the Grenadine as the "glue" for the pop rocks rim - that's because it's more syrupy and will hold the chunkier rimmers better. It also is less likely to set off the pop rocks like lemon juice or one of the liquors.

However, if the Pop Rocks still start to explode while you're rimming the glass like a couple of mine did you can always just toss them in just as you serve the drink. Then it's like a fireworks display in the martini instead of in your mouth!

Enjoy - it's a fun, fruity martini with a nice red color from the grenadine. If you can find them it might be fun to toss in a blue Maraschino cherry instead of a red one!

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Updated 2-2017

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