Do we really need another designer vodka on the market?

It seems as though everyone who is anyone has entered into the vodka market - as well as a few folks who aren't anyone but want to be. It's a wild west of potato and grain alcohol out there with more new gunslingers showing up every day to take on the legends.

The latest to enter the fray is Cupcake Vodka with four "cupcake flavors" - obviously aimed at a female demographic with more money than sense and a need to have the very latest fashion, whether it be couture or cocktail.

Here's what the Cupcake Vodka website says about their vodka:
"We use natural ingredients and pay special attention to each step of the process. Using the finest American grains we distill six times and drive it home through charcoal filteration [sic]. We cut our vodkas with distilled water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the result is smooth and rewarding."
Pretty much the same process and ingredients most other decent vodkas employ - oh, no, wait - they use distilled water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains! BTW, that's "filtration" not "filteration" boys!

They have 4 flavors:  Frosting (yuh huh, vanilla vodka), Devil's Food (ya'll guessed it, chocolate vodka!), Chiffon (can you say lemon citrus vodka?) and Original (I guess they couldn't come up with a cutsie cupcake name for just plain ole vodka).

This brand is obviously a ploy to grab a piece of the huge cupcake market out there and I can't fault anyone for living the American dream and making a bid for their share of any hot trend (make note of my own bid for a share of that market with the Pop Art Cupcakes design at this post top!)  I'm all for free enterprise - BUT  their bottle design is uninspired and doesn't say "cupcake" to me at all. Shouldn't it at least have been a pink bottle with maybe a cute little twirl on the cap or maybe a cupcake shaped bottle?  I somewhat shamefully admit I'm a sucker for a cool vodka bottle and I would happily buy an adorable pink bottle with some creativity to it, especially if the cute bottle comes with vodka inside - that's just frosting on the cupcake vodka!

I'm not saying this is good vodka and I'm not saying this is bad vodka because I haven't had the opportunity to try any of these dessert themed flavors, I can't seem to find them out here in the backwater of the Old West and their website gives me no clues as to where I can purchase them . . . .

All I am saying is this: Since I have recently moved back to Arizona, and my property is filled with all variety of cacti, maybe I should get in on the stampede and start the Cactus Vodka Company.  I already have the brand name and slogan:
Let Us Stick It To You!

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