JELLY BEAN MARTINIS for (Jump for) Jelly Beans Day!

Yes, April 21st is National Jelly Bean (singular) Day, but July 31st is (Jump for) Jelly BeanS Day. So today I have not one, but TWO Jelly Bean Cocktails for you and even a link to my Jelly Bean Vodka recipe.

Did you know?
  • It takes 7 to 21 days to make a jelly bean.
  • Traditional jelly bean assortments include eight flavors.
  • Jelly Beans were the first candy to be sold by weight rather than by piece.
  • Jelly Beans were originally sold by individual colors (I'll take red and black, please!)
  • Because jelly beans were Ronald Reagan's favorite candy, the Jelly Belly Company created a special Blueberry Jelly Belly for his inauguration.
  • When they traveled aboard the Challenger Space Shuttle in 1983, Jelly Bellys became the first jelly bean in space. 

“Jelly beans! Millions and billions of purples and yellows and greens and licorice and grape and raspberry and mint and round and smooth and crunchy outside and soft-mealy inside and sugary and bouncing jouncing tumbling clittering clattering skittering fell on the heads and shoulders and hardhats and carapaces of the Timkin works, tinkling on the slidewalk and bouncing away and rolling about underfoot and filling the sky on their way down with all the colors of joy and childhood and holidays, coming down in a steady rain, a solid wash, a torrent of color and sweetness out of the sky from above, and entering a universe of sanity and metronomic order with quite-mad coocoo newness. Jelly beans!”~ Harlan Ellison

Cool Beans!

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