GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST MARTINI - Halloween Cocktail #25 of 31

Halloween Cocktail #25 of 31 Monstrously Marvelous Martinis 
from The Martini Diva

The Great Caesar's Ghost Martini is really a Bloody Caesar in disguise.  What, you ask, is a Bloody Caesar?  It's a Bloody Mary made with Clamato juice instead of tomato juice!

There are two versions of the origins of the Bloody Caesar with version one being my favorite because it centers around Tony Bennett who, according to the story, was due to go onstage at Caesar's in Las Vegas and was a tad bit worse the wear from a rough night. He asked the bartender to mix him something to perk him up and was ultimately served up a Bloody Mary that had been pepped up with clams and clam juice.

Version number two is less glamorous but most likely the closer to the truth of the two. In verstion two, bartender Walter Chell created the drink for the 1969 for the opening of the Marcos restaurant.  It became an instant hit in Canada and Mott's even came up with a juice inspired by the Bloody Caesar - Clamato!

So, now ya know.  I just think it was a perfect way to get to name a drink The Great Caesar's Ghost Martini.  And speaking of Caesar's ghost you can read more about that little bit of history on this martini's recipe page.
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