It's summer, it's hot and all I can think of is a vacation near lots of water. If you want to find water just follow a colony of Flamingos because that's where they live! (Or you can also just park yourself at the pool in the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas. . . . .)

Today's martini is the PINK FLAMINGO MARTINI inspired by that beautiful pink water bird with the long neck and legs. Make a beeline for a flamingo colony and you'll be cooling your feet in water and sipping this flamingo inspired pink martini alongside hundreds, maybe thousands of these lovely creatures. (Unless you decided to opt for Vegas - then you'll be sipping your martini around a bunch of hung over gamblers who are hanging at the pool because they lost all their money!)

Why are flamingo's pink? Because their diet is rich in alpha and beta carotene, consisting mostly of diatoms, seeds, blue-green algae, crustaceans, and mollusks. Why is The Pink Flamingo Martini Pink? Because of the Grenadine.

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Updated 10-2016

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