What is a classic martini recipe? Ask a thousand people, you'll get a thousand different versions of the original martini recipe. Make no mistake, the real, classic martini is a gin martini. I don't mean to offend you vodka proponents but gin was the spirit used in the original martini way back in 1911 and is still considered essential to a "real" martini.

Folks will argue until doomsday about ratios of gin to vermouth, whether to stir or shake, over or up, liquor brands and every other single part of the cocktail and it's mixing process. The martini is such a very personal drink it's an age old debate at the bar.  But one thing about the vermouth amounts ... if there's no vermouth at all it's not a martini. It's just gin. Got it?

Once upon a time I was not a true martini lover.  I loved the glass but I was not ready for gin. That has changed, a lot, and I happen to adore gin and gin cocktails these days, including the martini.  Gin and martinis are both acquired tastes. I have acquired them. I have also played around with the recipe myself quite a bit and love Dirty Martinis, Smoky Dirty Martinis and hundreds of cocktails I have designated as "designer martinis", but if someone asks me for a martini with no additional provisos this is the cocktail they will get.

The Classic

4 Parts Bombay Sapphire Gin
1 Part Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth

Garnish:  3 Honking Big Green Olives with Pimento

Tools: Mixing Pitcher, Hawthorn Strainer

Glass: Martini/Cocktail, of course

Chill the gin, chill the glass, chill the pitcher. The vermouth should already be in the fridge!
Fill a chilled mixing pitcher with filtered ice.
Pour in the gin.
Pour in the vermouth.
Stir 20 times.
Strain into your chilled glass.
Garnish with 3 honking green pimento olives.

 That. Is. All.


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