New Martini Art! Who Needs Happy Pills When You Can Have MARTINIS?

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Who Needs HAPPY PILLS When You Can Have
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My latest martini illustration is a little bit of humor aimed at all those Happy Pill commercials out there - they drive me nuts, pardon the pun. I don't adhere to the philosophy that pills can solve all of life's problems. Of course, Martinis can't either and I don't advocate the use of alcohol as an anti-depressant or an escape from life. But I also don't think popping a pill is always the answer either.

I do however believe that treating yourself to a little "Martini Moment" every once in a while and sharing the ritual of a cocktail or two with friends to celebrate life's achievements is a healthy activity and a lovely way to elevate your lifestyle - and your cocktail of choice can easily be a non-alcoholic Mocktail! As for me, I would prefer a martini and a quiet moment of enjoyment and reflection on the day to popping a pill any day!

Who needs Happy Pills When You Can Have a MARTINI is my humorous little illustration on today's current trend of trading a bottle of happy pills for yesterday's 2 martini lunch or 3 martini cocktail hour. A little Mad Man - Sixties philosophy versus New Millenium philosophy. Let's face it - neither happy pills or martinis are the answer to an unhappy life. . . but at least martinis had some style.

I have a personal philosophy about drinking that I have adhered to for decades:
I never drink when I'm angry.
I never drink when I'm sad.
I never drink and drive.

Do follow your doctor's advice whatever your persuasion, and never, ever mix both pills and alcohol - it's dangerous, even deadly and this is not a great lifestyle choice! You can't live a happy life if you're not here anymore.

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