THE DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS - Halloween Martini #5 is a Candied Apple Martini!

Halloween is the time for apples as well as pumpkins. We bob for apples, eat caramel apples and devour candied apples by the bushel! It's also the time for spicy, cinnamon flavored apple martinis!

This one is made with Hot Damn as well as the vodka and Sour Apple Pucker and it's garnished with Red Hots and a slice of Candied Apple too so it's got that extra fall kick.

Apples always go great with cheese so stop by The Diva of Tiny Foods for my latest Halloween Tricks and Eats - especially my Cheezy Finger Food horrors d'oeuvres - cheese sticks that look like severed fingers - yum!And if you are feeling a little Witch-y this Halloween Season stop by my Halloween department at the PopArtDiva Boutique and pick up "You Call Me A Witch like it's a Bad Thing" for some fun apparel and household gifts like aprons, treat dishes, cups and more - Order soon in time for Halloween!

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