Peach Sour Martini - Peach Martini with a Pucker!


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The Peach Sour Martini is loosely based on a peach daiquiri cocktail . Daiquiris were really popular in the sixties and seventies and were almost always served "frozen". The term "frozen" in cocktail lingo means the ingredients are blended with ice until they reach the slushy level. If you want to know more about the "big sister" cocktail of my Peach Sour, here's some great history on the Daiquiri.

My sister, Patty, loved daiquiris and I remember getting to sip one when I was still a little kid. I thought it was pretty good - probably because I loved slushies, maybe known better today as slurpees. My sister also gave me my first taste of a Tom Collins so I shall always consider her to be the inspiration for The Martini Diva. Patty, I hope you're enjoying a nice cold daiquiri up there with the angels!

This Peach Sour Martini is a great way to use fresh peaches and it's a wonderful summery drink that refreshes on hot days. The addition of the sweet and sour keeps it from being too sweet and balances nicely with the fresh peach flavor. I made my own fresh peach juice too so I got a double whammy of that wonderful flavor.

Try it out the next time you take home some fresh peaches and serve it up with some appetizers from The Diva of Tiny Foods!

Enjoy and stay cool this week!

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