The Sex and the City COSMOPOLITAN

When you think Sex and the City and cocktails what do you think of?
That's right, The Cosmopolitan or Cosmo as many refer to it.  That classic vodka and cranberry drink served up in a martini glass has became as synonymous with SATC as Manolo Blahnik's and Mr. Big.  The drink was so ubiquitous throughout the HBO series it should have had a screen credit!

Charlotte, “This is delicious.”
Miranda, “Why did we ever stop drinking these?”
Carrie, “Because everyone else started.”

Yes, the Sex and the City Cosmopolitan made it's comeback in the first SATC movie and here is the a version that can be made from any standard home bar because this recipe uses Triple Sec for the orange liqueur but feel free to substitute the original Cointreau if you have it!

For the currently most accepted recipe check out this Classic Cosmopolitan recipe.

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