I love taking advantage of seasonal ingredients in my cocktails, it's a great way to bring freshness and intense flavors to happy hour. It's also a way to bring healthy to happy hour, something that's a large part of my cocktail mission. When I got my hands on some early cherries and some beautiful peaches all I could think of was muddling them in a glass and splashing booze all over them. Everyone else might be thinking pies or fruit salad, but not me, I make a beeline to the bar.

My only problem was what spirit to use. I'd had a particularly long, stressful day and wanted to taste the booze in my drink but still enjoy the tang and sweetness of my ripe cherries and peaches. I waffled back and forth between rum and whiskey, both being good playmates for cherries and peaches, but finally settled on whiskey because it has an effect on me much like a good massage that ends in a gentle kiss. This was exactly what my body and soul needed and just what my two ripe, juicy drupes called out for.

I picked Gentleman Jack because it's a slightly sweeter version of Jack Daniels. With forward notes of caramel and vanilla, a fruity taste on the palate and a soft burn, it seemed a good match for my sweet summer fruits and my mood. Jack did not disappoint, he was a gentleman ... and a heck of an 80 proof masseur.


2 Oz. Whiskey
8 Fresh Cherries, Pitted, Sliced
Half a Fresh Peach (minus 1 slice for garnish), Peeled, Cubed
1 Tbsp. Brown Sugar
Juice of Half a Lime
Crushed Ice

GARNISH: Fresh Peach Slice, Bourbon Cherry

TOOLS: Old Fashioned glass, Measuring spoons, Juicer, Muddler, Jigger, Bar spoon

In an Old Fashioned Glass, muddle the cherries and the peaches with the brown sugar and the lime juice.
Add the whiskey/bourbon then fill glass with ice.
Top off with soda, stir, garnish and enjoy.
I did.


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