When I heard about Chocolate Mojitos, I didn't think I was going to like them. Mojitos are a crisp, tart and refreshing Cuban rum cocktail made with lime and mint and my knee jerk reaction was "with chocolate?" Then I remembered I love citrus fruits dipped in dark chocolate, I am addicted to Junior Mints and adding rum to anything is right in my wheel house so what was my objection here? I have no freaking idea, it must have been a response of the vestiges of my reptilian brain or something equally atavistic. After I tried and fell in love with a Chocolate Margarita,  the last of my silliness disappeared.

I'm glad I ignored my initial cringe and tried this cocktail recipe. I got so excited about the idea of chocolate and mojito together I even made Chocolate Mojito Truffles to go with my cocktail, the truffle recipe is just below the mojito recipe.


1-1/2 Oz. Bacardi Superior White Rum
1/2 Oz. White Creme de Cacao
1 Oz. Da Vinci Chocolate Syrup
6 Fresh Lime Wedges
4- 8 Mint Leaves
Club Soda
Crushed Ice

Garnish: Scharfenberger Cocoa Powder and Turbinado Sugar Rim, Mint Leaf, Mojito Truffles (recipe below)

Tools: Two small plates for rimming, Muddler

Glass:  Highball

Dip the rim of the glass in some creme de cacao then dip half the glass rim into the cocoa powder and half into the sugar.
In the bottom of the glass, muddle together the mint leaves, chocolate syrup and lime quarters.
Fill glass with ice, pour in the creme de cacao and rum then top with club soda.
Stir, pulling the muddled ingredients to the top.
Garnish and serve.

View the recipe video:


24 Oz. Scharfenberger Chocolate, Chopped into 1/2" pieces
1/4 C. Bacardi White Rum
Zest of  2 Limes
2 Tbsp. Lime Juice
8 Fresh Spearmint Leaves, Chopped fine
1/4 Tsp. Maldon Salt
9 Tbsp. Heavy Cream
6 Tbsp. Unsalted Butter

Tools: Large mixing bowl, measuring cups and spoons, medium microwaveable bowls, zester, melon baller, plastic wrap, parchment paper

Add the chocolate, cream and butter in a microwave safe bowl and heat on 50% power at 30 second intervals, stirring each time, Repeat until the chocolate is almost melted.
Stir until the final pieces of chocolate are completely melted and the mixture is smooth and creamy.
Gently fold in the mint leaves. 
Add the lime zest and juice a little at a time and fold in until thoroughly mixed. 
Last, fold in the rum.
Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for 2 hours.
Scoop out truffle mixture with a melon baller, dust your hands with cocoa powder and roll truffle mixture into balls and place on parchment paper.
Roll in dark cocoa powder, cane sugar or coat in either melted white or dark chocolate and place on parchment paper.
If you want to garnish add a tiny cube of candied lime peel* to each truffle.
Store in the fridge, remove half an hour before serving so the centers of the truffles will be soft and creamy.

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* Here's the recipe for Candied Orange Peel I used in my Candied Orange Rosemary Rye Cocktail, simply substitute lime peels for the orange.

This is a great cocktail to celebrate National Mojito Day, July 11, National Chocolate Day in October 28th or International Chocolate Day which falls on September  13th.


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