CHERRY KISS MARTINI - Cherry Vodka, Kircsh Art

Just for fun I decided to do a little pencil sketch of my latest martini recipe. The Cherry Kiss Martini is a direct result of finding a bottle of Kirsch in my cupboard, a bottle I never think of unless I'm planning on doing a classic fondue which calls for Kirsch!

Kirsch is a German liqueur originally called Kirschwasser which means "cherry water" in German. Kirsch is traditionally made by double distilling Morello cherries and has the deep, tart flavor of those dark cherries. I thought it would make a really interesting martini when paired with my favorite cherry vodka from Three Olives. I also added a splash of soda - I like to cut the pure alcohol and thin the syrupy consistency, also the soda also adds a little effervescence. If you prefer you can leave the soda out.


The White Russian - NOT A MARTINI? OMG!

Yes, occasionally The Martini Diva does drink something other than a martini! I like a nice cold beer in the summer (preferably a Bohemia), I enjoy a nice margarita (especially fruit flavored ones), and I love champagne (Dom is my fav) though it usually bites me in the butt the next morning because I like it too much!

But I see no reason why many of these can't be enjoyed in a martini glass. Not all, just some - a beer for me is best enjoyed right out of the icy cold bottle and champagne should only be drunk in a crystal champagne flute. I confess, I'm kind of a glass snob, okay?

So with that being said I thought that occasionally I would share some of my favorite cocktail recipes with you - Martini Diva style of course - designed specifically to serve in a martini glass.

Today it's a White Russian. I favored these during my trips to Las Vegas because the caffeine kept me awake and they tasted like coffee milkshakes.

The basic recipe for the White Russian consists of equal parts of all three ingredients, a ratio of 1:1:1 or, in other words, one ounce each of the Kahlua, Vodka and Cream. That's it - pure and simple. You can either shake these up with some ice in a martini shaker and serve "up" in your martini glass or be classic and pour over ice in an old fashioned glass. You know me, mine will go in a martini glass and I'll shave some nice dark chocolate on top as a garnish.

Though some people use Tia Maria instead of the Kahlua, I prefer the Kahlua as it has a much more intense chocolate coffee flavor and the liqueur is thicker which helps if milk is used instead of cream as it often was when casinos served free drinks, lol.

There is also a version of the drink without the cream called a Black Russian and a Tall Black Russian which is the Black Russian in a taller glass then topped off with cola. Both the White and Black Russians are official drinks of the International Bartenders Association.

A little trivia for those of you who happen to enjoy this drink:
  • White Russians are the favored beverage of The Dude in The Big Lebowski, where he sometimes refers to the drink as a Caucasian
  • There was an anti-Bolshevik group from the Russian Civil War known as The White Russians
  • There is also a genus of the cannabis plant called a White Russian - who knew?

Now head on over to my art blog - LIFE IS LIKE ART - and take a gander at what I've been up to with my crayons and paper!
If you have a Martini question, please feel free to ask me in a comment and I'll respond back here in the comments section or in a new post!


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Overture, curtains, lights,
This is it, the night of nights
No more rehearsing and nursing a part
We know every part by heart
Overture, curtains, lights
This is it, you'll hit the heights
And oh what heights we'll hit
On with the show this is it
Tonight what heights we'll hit
On with the show this is it

The Oscar Fans Martini has everything you need to feel like a celebrity yourself while you watch all the stars cross the Red Carpet to the ceremony. There's chocolate to raise up your endorphins, caffeine to keep you awake during the long speeches, some champagne to celebrate your favorite winners and a bit of bling to give your night that Hollywood panache!

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OSCAR PARTY MARTINIS - The Red Carpet Martini

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Ah, tequila and fruits - sounds like a Hollywood style cocktail to me! Seriously, The Red Carpet Martini is really perfect if you favor tequila over vodka or gin. The edible metallic flakes add the necessary bling for the Red Carpet!

Just make sure you're using
edible metallic flakes, you can find them online or at gourmet food stores. Then grab a comfy couch, plop yourself down with your Red Carpet Martinis and enjoy the show.


OSCAR PARTY MARTINIS - The Hollywood Martini

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Like classic black and white movies that have been colorized, The Hollywood Martini is a classic martini that has been flavorized! A little orange flavored liqueur adds bit of LaLaLand Sun and a splash of champagne adds the bling. The garnish of real gold is a nod to the famous Oscar statue!

Serve up with some Oscar night snacks being posted this week at The Diva of Tiny Foods and have fun watching the ever so gorgeous Hugh Jackman host this year.

By the way, did you know that Hugh Jackman's son is named OSCAR?

Click here for more info on the 81st Annual Academy Awards!


TRADER JOE'S VIDEO SPOOF - A Little Comedy for your Sunday

If you are as big a Trader Joe's fan as I am you are going to just love this video. I absolutely love Trader Joe's and I think this guy's impromptu "commercial" for them fits right in with their brand!

Check it out and tell me if you didn't laugh and think about your trips to TJ's while watching. Then let's have some fun and everyone drop me a comment with what your favorite Trader Joe products are!!! And if you want to share the video with friends just click the little envelope icon at the bottom of this post.



LAST VALENTINE MARTINI - Chocolate and Raspberry Martini called Cupid's Kiss

CUPID'S KISS MARTINI is a raspberry and chocolate flavored martini and chocolate is always a necessity on Valentine's Day! Plus I love the pink and white sprinkles on the rim.



VALENTINE'S DAY MARTINIS - Sex on the Beach Gets Some Love

The Sex on Valentine's Day Martini is a variation of the Sex on the Beach Cocktail dressed up for February 14th. The cranberry juice is replaced here with Chambord, a raspberry liqueur, which results in a sweeter, less tart cocktail.

The use of cute retro Conversation Heart candies for the garnish give this martini a fun Valentine look. The candies will dissolve slowly and the last sip will be a sugar rush with a little crunch.


Be sure to stop by The Diva of Tiny Foods for my Valentine's Day recipes and menu too!




The Desperate Valentine Martini is a cocktail for those of us without that 'special someone' to be our Valentine on February 14th. It's made with 3 vodkas AND coconut rum to help numb the lonely hearts of those alone on the most romantic day of the year.

It's really delicious - dangerously so! So only one of these and no driving anywhere! If you're so lonely you have two then don't even walk anywhere! Trust me, these go down way too easy.

For the lonely but brave out there I suggest a little anti-Valentine party to cheer yourself up too. First, click over to the Diva of Tiny Foods today and grab my recipe for Chocolate Fondue - chocolate is proven to bring your spirits up! Then get yourself a handful of darts, a nice big picture of that chubby little Gangsta of Love - Cupid - and play a little game of Valentine Voodoo on that fat little fertility fraud!

Warning - put the cat away before you start throwing darts if you've already had one of the Desperate Valentine Martinis.


VALENTINE'S MARTINIS - Planning On Proposing?

Are you planning on proposing this Valentine's Day? Congratulations in advance (keeping my fingers crossed for a positive response!)

I hope you're planning the whole thing out and practicing your proposal speech. Be sure to have the scene set for romance and love with red roses in abundance and a plan to celebrate your engagement after the big "Yes!"

To help you out I have developed the Valentine's Day Proposal Martini - a positively pink and sweet martini that will put your intended in the proper mood to accept! All you need to do is shake this up and drop in that spectacular ring and you'll be all that closer to wedded bliss! (And drop over to The Diva of Tiny Foods for a Valentine's Day Menu for the celebratory supper.

BTW, I love weddings and if you think my martini helped at all you could send me an invitation as a thank you. . . . .



VALENTINE'S DAY MARTINIS - A Valentine Surprise Cocktail

The Valentine Surprise Martini is going to require a little more than just some booze and mixers. That's because the surprise involves something gold and sparkly to match the edible gold flakes you'll be sprinkling on top of this creamy chocolate and berry martini!

That's right, I'm talking a nice little piece of jewelry - some flashy bling for your Valentine (or yourself!) Honey, I'm talkin' the real deal here - don't go buying some cheap costume junk and trying to pass it off! If you want to get some action you'd better pony up with some serious gems and minerals!

If your wallet is feeling the economic pinch then forgo the jewels and bring one perfect red rose - a real rose please! Or if you can stretch it a nice dozen of pink and red roses. But don't you dare show up empty handed on Valentine's Day!

Hop on over to the Diva of Tiny Foods for today's recipe for the Valentine's Day Menu.



Valentine's Day Martinis - Valentine Kiss Martini

The VALENTINE KISS MARTINI is a perfect Valentine's Day cocktail - pink in color, garnished with cherries and berry flavored to go nicely with those chocolates you're either giving or getting for February 14th.

You are giving her chocolates, aren't you??? He is the type to give you chocolates, isn't he?? I mean, what's Valentine's Day without chocolate, and, of course, a Valentine Martini from The Martini Diva??

UPDATED 10-2016



VALENTINE'S DAY MARTINIS until February 14th!

Valentine's Day is in two weeks and I'm posting special Valentine's Day Martinis for the next 2 weeks. There should be something here for every relationship, a martini for lovers of all types, even those with a broken heart!

Today's Valentine Martini is Cupid's Chocolate Strawberry Martini, a wonderful blend of chocolate and strawberries that will capture the heart of your intended. It's a tasty blend of strawberry infused vodka, chocolate liqueur and fresh strawberries and you garnish it with a real chocolate covered strawberry (recipe below).

And stop by The Diva of Tiny Foods for great Valentine's Day food recipes, from today to Feb. 14th, including appetizers, soup, entree, side dish and 4 desserts!


1 Bag of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
20 Large Strawberries, cleaned with stems on,

Directions: After washing your strawberries make sure they are dry. Cover a flat surface in parchment or wax paper. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler until nice and creamy. Remove from the heat. Grab the strawberries by the stem and dip almost up to the stem in the chocolate. Place the strawberry on the paper covered flat surface and continue until all the strawberries or chocolate is gone. (If you have chocolate left over toss in some nuts, marshmallows or pretzels and spoon the mixture onto your paper too - never waste chocolate!) Cool in the fridge until the chocolate has hardened. Once the chocolate is hardened you can also melt some white chocolate, spoon this into a plastic baggie, cut a tiny hole in one bottom corner and drizzle over the dark chocolate covered strawberries for a nice little flair!

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