A Fun Beach Themed Blank Recipe Card for Your Own Recipes

Another blank recipe card for your own recipes - this one is called "SANDY BEACH", an abstract design inspired by - what else? - Sandy Beaches, lol .

I designed this as branding graphic for my store Taking Care of Business where I create some fun abstract designs that can be fully customized to brand your business or personal company economically. You simply pick the design that suits you or your business and then personalize the business cards, letterheads, cards, promotional materials - even t-shirts, shoes, aprons, cups & other gifts can be branded. Then you just order how many you want and it's shipped right to your door - simple as that! Check it out and take a look at some of the other designs available too.

Customizable Beach Themed Business Branding

Business Cards, Letterheads, Promotional Flyers, T-shirts, Cards & More

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Updated 8-2016

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