BERRY MARTINI - The Lipstick Kiss Martini will add some color to your kiss!

The Lipstick Kiss Martini is a really luscious, juicy martini full of fruity flavor. I created this martini a few years ago to take advantage of this huge bag of free, dried cherries someone gave me and to find another way to use Three Olives Berry Vodka which is one of my favorite fruit infused vodkas. It's still one of my favorite martinis.

I used fresh cherry juice and blackberry brandy along with the berry vodka and the "drunken cherries" which gave this martini a deep magenta color that was almost my favorite lipstick color - hence the name Lipstick Kiss Martini!

The drunken cherries are really easy to make, here's the recipe:
  • Fill a small, really clean jar about 3/4 full with dried cherries
  • Pour Three Olives Cherry (or berry in this case!) Vodka to the top, seal up the jar and let sit overnight.
  • Don't worry about how long they'll keep - trust me they won't last that long!
  • You can do this with any dried fruit and any flavored liquor!
  • The fruit and the juice make a great topping for ice cream and desserts too!
Enjoy - oh, and don't bogart those "Drunken Cherries!"


Updated 8-2016

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