I don't know what it is about Halloween and aliens with me, but I truly believe if they ever do invade it with be on October 31st. That's if they have done any research at all. Everybody knows you can be an alien on earth on Halloween and nobody will notice you because everyone is in costume. (The possible exception would be those annoyingly aggressive Martians from Orson Wells' War of the Worlds.) Slick marauding ETs could probably even take over the White House before all the Trick and Treaters are back in bed with candy belly aches.

Plus, electric blue cocktails either say Halloween or Tiki to me. This one has touches of both. Because I'm just that twisted.

As for those invading guys, all I can say is they better keep their claws and/or tentacles off my Crystal Head Vodka or I'm going all Independence Day on them.

In Case of

1 Oz. Blue Curacao
3/4 Oz. Crystal Head Vodka
3/4 Oz. Bacardi Superior White Rum
1-1/2 Oz. Fresh Pineapple Juice
1/2 Oz. Small Hands Orgeat Syrup
3 Dashes Scrappy's Lime Bitters
Ice Cubes

Garnish: Wild Hibiscus B'lure Butterfly Pea Flower Extract, Alien Gummy Candy

Tools: Cocktail Shaker

Glass: Something alien looking

Chill the glass in the freezer.
Fill your cocktail shaker with ice then add the other ingredients.
Shake until chilled then strain into an ice filled, chilled glass.
Add the alien gummy to the rim then add drops of the B'Lure down the inside of the glass and onto the ice cubes then serve.

If you really want to add some serious extraterrestrial then shave a few chips of dry ice on top just before serving. Just make sure the dry ice has dissolved before drinking.

This cocktail is featured in my
COLOR YOUR COCKTAILS Recipe and Coloring Book but here I changed it up a bit for Halloween and added the B'Lure for a bit of extra color fun then added some lime bitters to balance the extra sweetness from the B'lure's pea flower extract.

National Alien Abduction Day is March 20th, National Alien Day (Alien426 Day) is April 26th, World UFO Day is July2nd.




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