RAZPIROSKA - a Raspberry Caipiroska Cocktail

RAZPIROSKA- A Raspberry Caipiroska Cocktail Recipe
The Caipiroska (aka a Caipivodka or Caipirodka) is similar to Brazil’s famed Caipirinha but made with vodka in place of cacha├ža. The basic recipe consists of a lime, cut into wedges, and a tablespoon of sugar which are muddled in the bottom of an Old Fashioned (rocks) glass, the glass is filled with crushed ice then topped off with 2 ounces of vodka, stirred and garnished with lime wedges.
What you end up with is Brazil's lower alcohol version of a vodka gimlet (1 parts lime juice, 1 part sugar with 5 parts vodka.) The difference lies in the lower ratio of spirit to citrus and sugar as well as the muddling of the citrus which releases greater amounts of the lime oils and adds a touch of bitterness from the pith of lime. It's also like a sweet Vodka Tonic without the tonic. 
It's an uncomplicated cocktail and surprisingly refreshing for an Indian Summer kind of Fall day. It's also an interesting playground for some fun variations. As you know, I'm all about fun variations. I simply started with the standard recipe then experimented a bit.
Standard Caipiroska
2 Oz. Vodka
1 Lime, cut into quarters
1 Tbsp Raspberry Simple Syrup*
Crushed Ice
I decided to go with some frozen raspberries and make a Raspberry Simple Syrup to replace the sugar. I simply reduced 1 cup of water and 1 cup of raw (Demerara) sugar with a teaspoon of grated orange zest over a medium heat until the sugar dissolved. Then I reduced the heat to low, added 2 cups of frozen raspberries and simmered for 10 minutes (or until the syrup is reduced by half). I let that steep until cool, strained out the seeds then chilled it in the refrigerator until it was time to make my cocktail. (Leftovers will be great on pound cake or ice cream.)
RAZPIROSKA(Raspberry Caipiroska)

(Raspberry Caipiroska)
2 Oz. Vodka
1 Lime, cut into quarters
2 Tbsp. Raspberry Simple Syrup
Crushed Ice
Garnish: Lime & Lemon Slices, Frozen Raspberries
Tools: Muddler
Glass: Rocks or Old Fashioned
In the bottom of your glass muddle the lime quarters with the raspberry simple syrup.
Fill your glass with ice then pour in the vodka. Stir well.
Top off your glass with more crushed ice, garnish and serve with a straw.


I have to say this was a great cocktail. It reminded me of a Cobbler cocktail, refreshing and perfect on a hot day.
Aside from the Caipiroska, there are also 2 more variations on the Caipirinha, one made with rum, the Caipirissima, and the Caipisake, made with (you guessed it) sake.
If you're interested in a little background, I happened on a site that is devoted just to Caipirinhas and its offshoots which has some great info on the Caipiroska and its own variations.

Brazil Independence Day is celebrated on September 7th.
Updated 9-2021

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