TODAY IS NATIONAL BANANA DAY - Fill Your Martini Glass With One of these BANANA MARTINIS!

Go a Little Bananas with some Banana Martinis

August 27th is the perfect day to go a little bananas since it's National Banana Lovers Day.  Sure, you can celebrate by doing a lot of crazy things or, better yet, you can toast to the occasion at Happy Hour with one of my delicious Banana Cocktails.


Some Facts About Bananas You Might Not Know:
  • Bananas are radioactive! Yup, naturally high in potassium, bananas contain the radioactive isotope Potassium-40
  • All the bananas you see are clones! Bananas contain no seeds and, therefore cannot reproduce by natural means. Each banana plant must be started from cuttings.  This makes bananas highly susceptible to being wiped out by a disease
  • The banana tree is not a tree at all but but rather a tangle of layered leaves that grow up, towards the sun
  • There are over 1000 varieties of banana plants, but most of the fruit is not very tasty.
  • Today's bananas are all of the Cavendish variety, the replacement for the Gros Michel which was wiped out by a single strain of fungus before the 1950s
  • The banana is a berry!!!

Okay, enough education for the day, go forth and banana-ize yourself with one of my lovely Banana Martinis!


Updated 8-2016

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