National S'Mores Day AND National Banana Split Day!

August 10th is a Double Excuse For a Martini Day!

Talk about a win/win, not only is it National S'mores Day, it's also National Banana Split Day so you have two excuses to celebrate the day with a martini today!

Of course I have a martini for each one of them and both of them are a perfect way to celebrate their respective commemorative days.

The S'mores Martini is a perfect way to enjoy this classic fireside treat without having to actually go camping!  FUN TIP! For a real campfire experience, try this: Get mini marshmallows, some votive candles and some toothpicks or barbecue skewers (cut in half). Have your guests toast their own marshmallows over the candles for their martinis! But make sure you keep the flames and the martinis far apart!

The Banana Split Martini This is a perfect cocktail blend of all the flavors of a Banana Split - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana with the added benefit of being way under the billion calories of an actual banana split!  You can top it off with whipped cream and a Maraschino cherry, but I usually just like to dip a banana slice in dark chocolate and add that to the rim. It's a wonderful way to finish off this martini!

Can't choose? No, problem! These two martinis are compatible in flavors so why not make up one of each in the same cocktail shaker??? For the garnish, just dip the rim in the graham crackers, then skewer a chocolate covered banana slice, a toasted mini marshmallow and a Maraschino cherry on a cocktail pick and there ya go, the "I Want S'More Banana Split Martini"!

Double Cheers to you on National S'Mores Day and National Banana Split Day.

Updated 8-2017

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