Yorkie Martini

I got this from a friend today and I just had to post it. How cute is this?

When Pixel was a puppy she was small enough to do this - but she's 9 pixels now. Just a little too big for a standard martini glass, lol.

This looks like a serious martini bar too doesn't it?

I don't know who's photo this is or where it came from or I'd give credit and a link back - I just couldn't resist posting it!

UPDATE:  May 8th, 2011 - As you can see from the comment below I finally found out who owns this adorable little Yorkie and - you're going to love this part - the puppy's name is "Martini" aka "Tini" for short!  Photo credits are given to a friend of Martini's owners, Celeste Sonnier Melancon.  Martini is owned by Quinta Thompson!  Thank you, Quinta!
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