English Toffee Martini Cocktail Recipe

English Toffee is a hard, crunchy candy typically made with sugar, butter and cream then topped with chocolate and chopped almonds. Little interesting tidbit: In the U.S. the candy is usually made with cane sugar while in the British Isles it's made with brown sugar or molasses.

These ingredients sounded like a pretty good cocktail to me so out came my cocktail shaker.

English Toffee Martini with Ingredients & Instructions

1 Oz. Caramel Vodka
1 Oz. Chocolate Liqueur
1/2 Oz. Amaretto
1 Oz. Half & Half
Garnish: Chocolate Syrup rim dipped in Crushed Almonds
Caramel Syrup Drizzle inside glass bowl.
Glass: Cocktail (Martini) or Coupe
Dip the rim of the glass in chocolate syrup then dip in crushed almonds.
Chill the glass in the freezer for 15 minutes then remove and drizzle in caramel syrup and place back in the freezer. This will set the drizzle in place as well as chill the glass.
Fill the cocktail shaker with ice, add the ingredients and shake until chilled.
Strain into the chilled glass and serve.

Yes, it does taste just like liquid Almond Roca.

VOICEOVER VIDEO with Ingredients & Directions:

Do your eyes spy chocolate drizzle in my version as well as the caramel? Yeah. I don't believe in "too much chocolate".
English Toffee Martini Cocktail Photo
National English Toffee Day is January 8th.
Updated 1-2022

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