THANKSGIVING MARTINIS- Fall Apple Martini with Jack Daniels!

Updated November 2015

The recipe for my delicious Apple Jack Martini has moved over to my new cocktail database below:


One of the best holiday cocktail combinations is whiskey and apple, especially for Thanksgiving.  Apples are a fall fruit that blend wonderfully with the smokiness of a premium whiskey and that combination gets a little kick from the sour apple pucker.

When it comes to whiskey I am a Jack Daniel's fan.  I've been using it for years in my cooking, especially in my whiskey sauce for my Saucy Bread Pudding and in my Tipsy Baked Black Beans.  Their distillation method gives the whiskey a wonderful smoky taste that complements a lot of recipes.  (Here's some interesting Jack Daniel's trivia:  Jack Daniel's home county of Moore in Lynchburg, Tennessess is a dry county!)

The Fall Apple Jack Martini goes great with my Tipsy Baked Black Beans - turn them into a bean dip and serve with some tortilla chips and a nice shaker full of Fall Apple Jack Martinis! Then serve up my bread pudding with a Jack Daniels whiskey sauce and you've got a perfect al fresco meal for cold fall weather, a tail gate party and the Thanksgiving season!

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