NEW YEAR'S MARTINIS - Champagne Martini #4

The Raspberry Resolution Martini might just be my favorite of all my new Champagne martinis. It uses some of my favorite ingredients - Champagne (of course), Raspberry Vodka, Chambord and Crème de Cassis!

It's a variation of my Kir Royale Cocktail (which is basically a classic Kir Royale Cocktail) and if you would like a little history on Crème de Cassis check that post out.

You gotta watch out for this martini - it's so delicious you can easily over indulge so pace yourself!

If you're going out on New Year's be sure to appoint a Designated Driver, don't drink and drive and keep an eye out on your friends to keep them safe too. Drink Responsibly this holiday season!

Updated 8-2016

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