An Apple Martini a Day - THE APPLE MARTINI

Get the Recipe and Download the Newly Designed Print Quality Recipe Card for the THE APPLE MARTINI at TheMartiniDiva.Com.

The Apple Martini or Appletini was probably the very first "designer" martini to show up in chi chi bistros. It's been around for a while and is still one of the most requested flavored martinis. It's also one of the easiest to shake up and enjoy. . . . Read More.


Yorkie Martini

I got this from a friend today and I just had to post it. How cute is this?

When Pixel was a puppy she was small enough to do this - but she's 9 pixels now. Just a little too big for a standard martini glass, lol.

This looks like a serious martini bar too doesn't it?

I don't know who's photo this is or where it came from or I'd give credit and a link back - I just couldn't resist posting it!

UPDATE:  May 8th, 2011 - As you can see from the comment below I finally found out who owns this adorable little Yorkie and - you're going to love this part - the puppy's name is "Martini" aka "Tini" for short!  Photo credits are given to a friend of Martini's owners, Celeste Sonnier Melancon.  Martini is owned by Quinta Thompson!  Thank you, Quinta!


PIECES OF EIGHT MARTINI - Inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow!

After 10 years of mixing up grog, t'was time I moved me treasure chest of 

X marks the spot, but ye beware for there be dragons ...



When those sweet little Girl Scouts come out hawking slightly over-priced cookies for a good cause I always feel obliged to buy a few boxes. I'm from a scouting family so I feel it's my duty . . . oh, who am I kidding - I love the darned cookies, don't we all?

Anyway, those wonderful chocolate mint cookies inspired this fun martini which is a chocolate mint flavored martini. No disrespect is meant to this honorable organization for which I have the highest respect. Though I was a Camp Fire Girl, my sister was a Girl Scout, my brother was a Boy Scout, my father worked for the Boy Scouts of America and my mother was a Den Mother. I just wanted to do a little fun twist on the Girl Scout Cookies I love. I also like the idea of drinking my cookies.


1/2 Oz. Chocolate Vodka
1/2 Oz. Peppermint Schnapps
1/2 Oz. Dark Creme de Cacao
1/2 Oz. Heavy Cream

Garnish: Crushed Thin Mint Cookie Rim
Glass: Nick and Nora

Dip glass rim in Dark Creme de Cacao then into the crushed thin mints.
Chill glass in freezer.
Shake ingredients with ice.
Strain into the chilled glass and enjoy.

Voiceover Video with Ingredients & Directions:

The Tipsy Girl Scout Oath:
On my honor, I will do my duty, to drink responsibly.

Girl Scout Cookie Day is February 8th.

Updated 2-2022



 I have a friend coming to visit for the weekend and she has requested a shaker of my famous Chocolate Martinis. It was then I realized I had never posted my recipe for a basic chocolate martini. My bad, here it is.

And if you need more chocolate ...




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I've been asked by several people if my martinis can be converted to cocktails without alcohol. In many cases this is quite possible so I've come up with some tips for doing it:
  • To maintain the essence of the martini's flavor use syrups, juices or sodas with the same flavoring. Look for the flavors the liquors impart and try to replace them with non-alcoholic alternatives
  • Replace the plain vodka with club soda or a non-alcoholic wine
  • There are many already prepared drink mixes available where you add the liquor so you leave out the liquor and use your club soda instead
  • If you don't want to impart the carbonation of the soda try leaving the soda out overnight without the cap
  • Smoothie recipes make wonderful non-alcoholic martinis
  • Use food coloring to impart colors that some alcohols impart
  • Use food flavorings to mimic the flavored vodkas and rums
Remember, anything you drink can be served in a martini glass, there are no rules and no one's going to spank you if you don't drink classic martinis or you don't drink at all! You can even serve a shrimp cocktail or another appetizer and even desserts in a martini glass! I've even floated flowers in a martini glass filled with water as a table decoration.

Martinis for me are more than a particular drink; for me a martini brings to mind the elegance of days gone by where people dressed up for cocktail hour and socializing was more important than getting hammered! Satin dresses, white tie, some great swing music in the background and celebration on the air - now there's a martini atmosphere for you!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day - Enjoy the Scarlett O'Hara Martini

Get the

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I have developed a Green Martini made with whiskey called the Scarlett O'Hara Martini.
 I wanted to create a whiskey "martini" for those of us with a little Irish in our veins to celebrate St. Patty's Day and I'm a big fan of Gone With The Wind.


The Purple Nurple Martini - A Raspberry Martini to ease the pain!

Get the Recipe and Download the Newly Designed Print Quality Recipe Card for the THE PURPLE NURPLE MARTINI at TheMartiniDiva.Com.

Ever had a Purple Nurple?  No, I'm not talking about the martini here, I'm talking about those nasty little tweaks of a tender part of your body - usually inflicted by an older brother or sister or the school bully. . . . Read More.


JACKASS, THE MARTINI - A Martini for the Man's Man!

Sorry, but I just had to do it when I got accused of doing too many "girly" martinis!

Disclaimer: This is a JOKE! I take no responsibility for anyone who's enough of a jackass to try this recipe. Proceed at your own risk.


THE PINK FLAMINGO MARTINI - A tropical martini reminiscent of a Pina Colada

has moved here.

I got a beautiful set of martini glasses for my birthday that were hand blown with a pink flamingo on the stem. They were a gift from my oldest (I love doing that to her) friend, CindyRae, and so beautiful I was afraid to use them. I decided to create a special martini for them so I would have a reason to use them.

I wanted something tropical and that reminded me of the beautiful flamingos you see in Florida and decided on something like a Pina Colada.

Updated Dec. 2015



Celebrate your freedom today with a special martini created just for you and welcome back to the land of Single!


Updated 4-2018
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