It's National Macaroon Day - Have a Macaroon Martini!

Macaron Martini Cocktail Recipe

Most of us are familiar with the shredded coconut macaroon but the very first macaroons were actually almond meringue cookies. (It's said these original macaroons were created in an Italian monastery and modeled after a monk's belly button.) The more familiar chewy coconut macaroon cookie is a recipe brought over by Jewish immigrants who adopted the cookie because it required no flour or leavening agents, this meant it could be enjoyed during Passover.  This is also most likely when coconut started being added, often completely substituting for the original ground almond versions.

In France "Les Macarons" are generally meringue type cookies and you will find them all over French bakeries (patisseries) in a sandwich form filled with chocolate ganache or jams and buttercreams.  This sandwich macaroon was invented by Pierre Desfontaines Laduree, Thanks to Laduree, today you can find these meringue macaroon sandwiches in a variety of flavors and beautiful colors in every corner of France.

Laduree's original "macaron" sandwiches were filled with chocolate ganache which is why I included the White Creme de Cacao in my Macaroon martini recipe. The word macaroon comes from the Italian word maccherone, a derivation of ammaccare, which means to crush or beat. The original recipes for macaroons used crushed almonds in the form of almond paste so the French called them macarons and that is why there is a little Amaretto in this recipe.

Macaron Martini with Ingredients and Instructions


1 Oz. Coconut Rum
1/2 Oz. Amaretto
1/2 Oz. White Crème de Cacao
1 Oz. Unsweetened Coconut Cream*

Coconut Rim, Macaron Cookie

Shake ingredients with ice.
Pour into your rimmed cocktail glass, garnish & serve.

*You can use coconut milk for a lighter version but I happen to prefer this creamier style cocktail. I save the rest of the can for a curry or coconut rice.


National Macaroon Day is May 31st.

Updated 5-2021

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