The Not So WHITE RUSSIAN Cocktail Recipe

I happened to really like whipped cream vodkas, my favorite brand being Pinnacle Whipped Vodka because you really do get the flavor of whipped cream.

After doing a review on several of Pinnacle flavored vodkas a while back I experimented with several recipes and this was one of the first and it's still a favorite because it's easy and delicious.

The Not So

1 Oz. Cold Espresso
1 Oz. Whipped Cream Vodka
1 Oz. Original Kahlua
1 Oz. Half & Half

Garnish: Instant Espresso Powder Rim, Milk Chocolate Curls

Tools: Vegetable peeler to make chocolate curls, Cocktail shaker

Glass: Large (5 ounce) Cocktail (Martini)

Rim glass then chill in the freezer.
Add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake until well chilled.
Strain into your chilled cocktail glass.
Sprinkle on the chocolate curls and serve.

You can purchase recipes cards for this cocktail here:
Not So White Russian Cocktail recipe cards


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