The PEACH MARTINI - Dedicated to a peach of a friend!

Today's martini is a rum based Peach Martini, you can make this with vodka too but the rum really is a more mellow base for the peach. Oh, and you can spice it up if you want and use Captain Morgan's Rum for a nice change. I found this makes it taste almost like a slice of peach pie!

This Peach Martini is dedicated to my friend and housing savior, Elizabeth aka Luv2Rite, writer and author extraordinaire! Liz, you are a peach of a friend and, man, can you write a boomer tale! I can't wait to read them all in your new book! (P.S. Brad - I'm trying to come up with a "manly" and creative martini for you! Maybe we can all test them out together!)

If you have a Martini question, please feel free to ask me in a comment and I'll respond back here in the comments section or in a new post!

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