RASPBERRY MINT MARTINI - It's Happy Hour with Mint!

http://themartinidiva.com The Raspberry Mint Martini is such a refreshing martini - the muddled mint balances nicely with the fruit and gives your mouth a little zing. The sour mix takes the sugar level down nicely and adds a little zip too - so you end up with a zippy zing of a martini!

By the way, another little tip - if you favor Chambord, the French black raspberry liqueur, be aware this is a high quality product and uses no preservatives so it's shelf life is around six months. You can substitute Creme de Cassis for the Chambord, but remember that Creme de Cassis is made from black currants, not raspberries. I have used both DeKuyper's Razzmatazz and Raspberry Di Amore at times - both somewhat less syrupy than Chambord, but also not as rich in raspberry flavor. Bols has a raspberry liqueur too, though I've not tried it as yet.

Updated 7-2018
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