Celebrate National Egg Month with these Egg Martinis!


so why not celebrate at Happy Hour with an egg in your cocktail? An egg can add a wonderful body to a cocktail  as well as act as a binder, and it puts a lovely froth on top as well.  Some great classic cocktails employ the use of eggs and with the use of pasteurized eggs many of these cocktails are making a comeback:


Most drinks using eggs are within the Flips or Fizzes categories with the Fizzes having sub categories depending on what part of the egg is used, i.e. Silver Fizzes use only egg whites, Golden Fizzes use only egg yolks and Royal Fizzes use the whole egg!
There is a big debate about whether or not raw eggs are dangerous to use in cocktails.  The big salmonella scare a few years back almost killed off egg use in bars but most experts will tell you that the the risk of becoming ill from a FRESH egg is not the danger it's cracked up to be. If you still worry then the use of pasteurized eggs is your answer and they are readily available in most grocery stores in the egg aisle - just look for something that resembles a small milk carton:

Mixing in your egg can be a bit more trouble - you have to shake, shake, shake until you can't shake any more and it's always wise to start with a slow shake at the beginning to start the emulsification process so you don't end up with a shaker full of froth - but the results are well worth the effort.  Besides, you can always use a blender, just start with a few slow pulses then bring up the speed to medium.  For a more expert and detailed instructions on how to use eggs in your cocktails, here's a great article on How to Use Eggs in Cocktails over at DrinkDogma.com

So get down and get eggy with yo bad self to celebrate National Egg Month!

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