Lemoncello Martini - or is it Limoncello Martini?


Lemoncello or Limoncello? No matter how it's spelled it's a wonderful lemon liqueur that has recently begun popping up in cocktails and food in all the hot eateries. There are Lemoncello cocktails and Limoncello recipes showing up on all the "A" party menus and on all the celebrity recipe sites.

Even Danny DeVito has gotten aboard the Limoncello train with his own Limoncello Original - in fact, that was brand I used for my Lemoncello Martini above. I love Danny DeVito - how could I not buy his brand as my first bottle of this intriguing lemon liqueur? I won't buy too many bottles though - if he gets too rich off his Limoncello he might stop acting and I'd have lemonized myself out of future laughter.

In any event, I really enjoyed this new lemon martini recipe, it has a perfect balance of tart and sweet with that lovely citrus flavor that is so refreshing. I muddled in a few sprigs of Lemon Basil for some fun green color and that bit of earthy influence but that is optional, this Lemoncello Martini is just as good without the herb. You can also use a simple lemon twist instead of my Candied Lemon Peel for a garnish but you'll be missing a great treat!

I used up the whole bottle and created an entire dinner menu with a Lemoncello theme. I served up the Lemoncello Martinis, I made a Lemoncello Vinaigrette for my salad, marinated chicken in the Lemoncello, lemon juice, olive oil and garlic (and used some of the marinade in a Lemoncello sauce reduction) and then I used the Lemoncello in the sauce for my favorite Bread Pudding for the dessert.

Now I'm out of Limoncello - or is it Lemoncello?

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