RUM INFUSED GUMMY WORMS - Booze Infused Gummy Candy Recipe

I got some free gummy worms so I thought I'd give them a soak in some booze. Vodka soaked Teddy Bears are floating all over the web as the newest big thing so, what the heck, I'll toss the free worms in some booze too. It's not like I haven't made candy booze over the years.
Since the gummy worms I got were tropical flavored, I decided I would use rum instead of vodka. So, into my little bowl went the package of gummy worms and then some light rum.
It took about 18 hours for the gummy candy to soak up most of the rum. I could have let them soak longer, however they were already so drunk they were falling apart! Maybe gummy teddy bears are more stable, but I didn't get any of those for free.

  Here's a video of the end result so you'll see how truly drunk and falling apart my poor gummy worms were. They tasted wonderful, but there was no way they could be served in this state.
Add the gummy candy to a covered jar or bottle then completely cover the worms with a decent light rum.
Allow this to infuse until all the worms have completely dissolved, shaking well at least twice a day. Mine took a couple of days.
Once the worms have dissolved, strain through a metal strainer.
Then strain again through cheesecloth or coffee filters to remove the finer gummy sludge. (If using coffee filters you will have to change them several times and allow more time for the filtering process.)
Below is the gelatin and other gunk you'll be straining out:
Bottle or use immediately in Rummy Gummy shots!
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