Memorial Day Martini - A Red, White & Blue Martini

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The MEMORIAL DAY MARTINI is truly a red, white and blue colored martini. If properly done it will actually layer into shades of red and blue.

One of the ingredients is Grenadine, a red pomegranate syrup, which is heavy enough to sink to the bottom of a glass if used in conjunction with lighter weight spirits. Then I used an unusual liqueur called Hpnotiq for the blue color. Hpnotiq is made with tropical fruits, cognac and vodka so I paired it with a mango vodka to keep with the tropical flavors. Garnish with a few blueberries and a couple of Maraschino cherries on a fun American flag martini pick and you have a nicely patriotic martini!

Memorial Day weekend is a time when many people plan parties, have barbecues, take short trips and enjoy the long holiday. It's a good time for that because it's Spring and we're all ready for some fresh air and warm sun, but this is the holiday for remembering those who died in defense of our rights to enjoy our parties and our freedoms. So, while you're enjoying the long holiday weekend please take time to remember those gave their lives to preserve our freedom to enjoy weekends like this and toast to their sacrifice.

Please drink responsibly, don't drive under the influence and be safe this holiday weekend.

Happy Memorial Day.
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