RETRO COCKTAILS - The Box Car Martini

The Box Car is a classic cocktail that's been around since at least the days of prohibition. I did a little searching for it's history and came up with nothing on-line, but I do know that gin gained it's popularity during prohibition because it was easy and very quick to brew. Of course, the easier and quicker it was made, the harsher the alcohol and this was the impetus for the explosion of mixed drinks or "cocktails" that evolved during this period - they had to disguise the almost grain alcohol level of the booze they had brewed up that morning in the bathtub, lol!

But some absolutely great cocktails emerged from these times and among them was the Box Car. The gin, triple sec, lemon juice and grenadine are all original ingredients BUT the original recipes call for egg whites whereas mine calls for pasteurized egg whites (you can buy egg whites pasteurized in cartons at higher end grocers, even some liquor stores carry it.) The reason for this, of course, is the modern day fear of salmonella in raw egg. Using pasteurized egg whites solves this issue.

The egg white is an essential ingredient - it adds the frothiness and a mellowness to this cocktail. You can always adjust the sweet/sour balance to your own tastes but don't leave out the egg white! Enjoy this classic flapper favored martini and party like it's 1933 (the year prohibition was lifted!)

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