Rattled-Skull Colonial Cocktail
for Sleepy Hollow Heads

My Sleepy Hollow inspired version of this early American drink is based on an authentic cocktail recipe from colonial days known as the Rattle-Skull which was traditionally made with rum, brandy and Porter Ale. Since hard cider was also a favorite drink of our forefathers (and I'm not a big fan of beer with rum) I have replaced the Porter with hard cider.

I diverted from the original recipe a bit more by replacing the plain brandy with Calvados, a particularly smooth apple brandy, then adding a dash of apple bitters to balance the sweetness of the cider.

If you want to cut down on the head-chopping power of this libation, you can use non-alcoholic cider, but don't leave out the rum or you risk the wrath of the Headless Horseman who was well known to be a lover of rum . . . at least when his mouth still led to his stomach. If you leave out the Calvados you just deserve to lose your head...

3/4 Oz. Dark Rum
1/2 Oz. Calvados
6 Oz. Hard Cider
3 Drops of Apple Bitters
Juice of Half a Lime
Slice of Apple
Twist of Lime
Add some ice to a chilled skull glass. Pour in the rum and Calvados. Add the bitters and the lime juice, then pour in the cider and stir until chilled. Twist the lime over the cocktail to express the oils, garnish with the apple slice and enjoy while you ogle that sexy version of Ichabod Crane - but don't lose your head over him.

"First I shot him, then he rose back up. Cutting off his head seemed the next logical step." ~ Ichabod Crane, Sleepy Hollow pilot.

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