From cocktails to cleaning to cures, vodka is a useful liquid to have around the house!


Vodka is a pretty good multi-tasker. Of course, the first and primary use is for cocktails, vodka martinis to be more specific, BUT this humble spirit has a multitude of other uses that make it pretty handy to have on hand even if you abstain from alcoholic beverages!

Everyone Should Have a Bottle of Vodka (or ten) in the House:
  •        REMOVE WINE STAINS - Pour some vodka on it, scrub with a brush and then blot dry. (Spot test fabrics and surfaces first.)
  •     POLISH YOUR HOUSEHOLD FIXTURES - Pour some vodka on a damp cloth and rub out those water spots and smears on your chrome, glass and porcelain faucets and handles.
  •     KEEP CUT FLOWERS LONGER - Add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water and your cut flowers will stay fresh longer.
  •     WEED KILLER - A little 80 Proof protection for your yard can be had by just filling a spray bottle with two cups of water, a few drops of liquid dish soap, and an ounce of vodka.
  •     COLD SORE KILLER - Pour some vodka on a cotton ball and dab on that cold sore to make it go away faster.
  •     EARACHE RELIEF- Put a few drops of vodka into an aching ear, let it sit for a minute or two then tilt ear down and let the vodka drain out.
  •     TOOTHACHE RELIEF - Swish a little vodka in and around an aching tooth to disinfect and relieve the pain. Then see your dentist!
  •     FEVER REDUCER - Pour some vodka on a washcloth and rub your chest and back as a liniment.
  •     PAINT REMOVER - Pour a little vodka on the clothing or wherever you dropped some paint, let it sit for a moment or two then scrub or massage it out. Spot test a small, hidden area first. (This is something that I have done for years! One time I got acrylic paint on my couch and it dried before I noticed. I had no isopropyl alcohol in the house and then realized vodka was alcohol so grabbed it up and tried it. It worked quicker than isopropyl alcohol and I've been using vodka to remove my paint drops on tons of things since - including my poor puppies who love to sit at my feet while I paint!)
  •     CAT STAIN REMOVER - Pour some vodka on that ugly cat stain and it will remove the discoloration. It won't kill the hidden odor (you need a special enzyme for that) but it will look better. Again, do a spot test on the carpet or rug first.
  •     JEWELRY CLEANER - Soak your gold, silver or platinum jewelry in vodka for a few hours and it helps loosen dirt, grease and grit. This will work on an precious and most semi-precious stones as well but do not use on pearls, opals, turquoise or other porous gems.
  •     SCREW REMOVER - If you are trying to remove a rusted screw, pour some vodka on it to help loosen the rust.
  •     REMOVE SMOKE ODORS - Mixing one part vodka to three parts water in a spray bottle and misting it in the air will help alleviate the odor of cigarette, pipe and cigar smoke.
  •     DANDRUFF RELIEF - Add two teaspoons of crushed rosemary to one cup of vodka and allow this to infuse for two days. Strain it to remove the rosemary pieces and use this to massage your scalp. Allow this to dry in your hair, then wash out.
  •     BAND AID & STICKER REMOVER - Pour some vodka on the bandage or sticker and let it soak a bit to release the adhesive.
  •     KILL MOLD & MILDEW ON CAULKING - Pour some vodka in a spray bottle and spray your caulking in bathrooms, let it sit for five minutes and wash off.
  •     CLEAN YOUR EYEGLASSES - Dip your soft eyeglass cloth in some vodka to clean the lenses and remove germs.
  •     LONGER LASTING RAZOR BLADES - Place your razor blade in vodka after use to keep it rust free, disinfected and it will last longer.
  •     REMOVE VOMIT STAINS - Pour some vodka on the stain, rub and blot dry. Spot test fabrics first.
  •     FACIAL ASTRINGENT - Pour some vodka on a cotton ball and wipe down your face after washing to deep clean and tighten pores.
  •     HAIR BEAUTY PRODUCT - Add one ounce of vodka to a 12 ounce bottle of shampoo to cleanse your scalp and remove toxins from your hair to stimulate growth and healthy hair.
  •     INSECT REPELLENT - Pour some vodka in a spray bottle and spray on annoying insects. This WILL kill them so be aware of this and try not to kill the bees that are so vital to our planet.
  •     COLD PACK - Equal parts of vodka and water in a double layer of sealable plastic baggies makes an excellent cold pack for aches, pains and headaches when kept in the freezer until slushy.
  •     PAIN TINCTURE - Pour some vodka on a handful of fresh lavender leaves in a glass jar with a lid, let this sit in the sun for three days, strain out the lavender and use by dabbing on the sore area.
  •     CINNAMON MOUTHWASH - Add nine teaspoons of cinnamon to one cup of vodka and infuse for two weeks. Strain and store in a sealed jar. Mix equal parts with warm water and rinse your mouth, spit out - do not swallow.
  •     KILL FOOT ODOR - Wash your feet with vodka to kill that nasty foot odor.
  •     RELIEVE JELLYFISH STING - Pour some vodka on a jellyfish sting and it will relieve the pain as well as disinfect the wound.
  •     RELIEVE POISON IVY - Pour vodka over the area affected to remove the urushiol oil which will alleviate a lot of the itching.
  •     EMERGENCY DISINFECTANT - Pour some vodka on any open wound as an emergency disinfectant.
  •     HOME MADE VANILLA EXTRACT - You can make your own vanilla extract by adding 4 - 5 vanilla beans to a cup of vodka and letting it infuse for 60 days in a cool, dark place (fridge is good). Shake every few days as it distills. Other flavor extracts are possible as well.
  •     AND - FINALLY - YOU CAN MAKE A MULTITUDE OF YOUR OWN Home Made Flavored Vodkas and Liqueurs.

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