ICE CREAM MARTINI - Banana Fudgesicle Martini!

This one is entirely for me - The BANANA FUDGESICLE MARTINI!
I loved Banana Fudgesicles when I was a kid but Popsicle® quit making them. Yes, I have seen what some call a banana fudgesicle but it is not the same!! Not as creamy and it doesn't have that artificial banana flavoring that just tickles my fancy.

Since I was diddling around with creating ice cream martinis that reminded me of some of my favorite frozen confections as a kid I decided that I would create my own adult version of the Banana Fudgesicle. It's not exactly the same thing because alcohol won't freeze, but it's pretty darn close and it suits my adult palate, especially at cocktail hour.

So, for all my fellow Banana Fudgesicle fanatics out there - this one's for you as well as me, because even though we have no Banana Fudgesicles anymore we now have the BANANA FUDGESICLE MARTINI:

Louis Prima's 1940s recording of "Yes, We Have No Bananas"
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Updated 8-2016

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