I love blackberries and before the season was over I wanted to get one last fresh blackberry cocktail under my belt. As we are still dealing with summer temperatures here in Arizona despite it being fall, I also wanted something tall and cool.

When I'm not constructing a new craft cocktail for my brand or for an event I often revert to simple classic cocktails for my personal drinks. One of my favorites in summer is a tonic, usually gin tonics, occasionally vodka; the choice of spirit is usually based on what I'm adding to the drink. I rarely do a straight gin and tonic, I like adding fruits and using the herbs from my little garden on the back deck. This way I get a little variety at happy hour without a lot of thinking or work. I'll be honest here, if I'm not making any money on it I'm not going to spend hours creating a new cocktail just for myself.

That's not to say I don't make myself good cocktails, I do and this is a very good cocktail, just not complex. And sometimes that's just what you're looking for at happy hour. The only thing I tweaked a bit was using Crème de Cassis in place of the simple syrup.

Blackberry & Blackcurrant

1-1/2 Oz. Gin
1 Oz. DeKuyper Crème de Cassis
10 Fresh Blackberries
3/4 Oz. Fresh Lime Juice
Fever Tree Light Tonic Water

Garnish: Fresh Blackberries
(Little Tip, freeze the blackberry garnish. It will help keep your drink chilled in summer.)

Tools: Cocktail Shaker

Glass: Collins

Muddle the blackberries and lime juice in the bottom of a cocktail shaker.
Fill with ice, add the gin and Crème de Cassis then shake until chilled.
Strain into the ice filled Collins glass, top off with tonic, garnish and serve.

International Gin and Tonic Day is Oct 19th, National Gin and Tonic Day is April 9th and National Blackberry Day is September 12th.



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