What a PEACH MARTINI! Sunshine in a glass!

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This is a great martini if you're craving a peach in the cold winter months and, like me, can't find a ripe one to save your life! It's refreshing and the splash of champagne gives it a nice effervescence to tickle your nose and wake it up to that lovely peach aroma wafting up from the schnapps.
Serve it up with some great "Tiny Food" appetizers at TheMartiniDiva's Appetizers Page.


The Chocolate Cherry Cordial Martini - better than Brach's!

Here it is, Ladies and Germs! The Chocolate Cherry Cordial Martini, just in time for an early Valentine's Day celebration.
Be sure to get some martini picks or some nice toothpicks to spear the real chocolate covered cherry cordial to drop in the bottom.
This is one super sugar rush and it's wonderful as a dessert martini!



Martini glasses are really a hot item. Really unique martini glasses are even hotter. Here's a couple of great glasses I got for my Birthday to add to my collection.

The first one is a hand blown glass with a Pink Flamingo for the stem! I shall use these when I make my new Pink Flamingo Martinis. Here's the ingredients for a Pink Flamingo Martini (the recipe card will be posted later this week.)

1/2 oz peach liqueur
1/2 oz Malibu® coconut rum
1 splash pineapple juice
1 dash grenadine syrup
1 dash lemon juice

This one is a Lolita Martini Glass called Birthday Girl - since it was my birthday that was truly appropriate! I absolutely love Lolita's Martini Glasses. Not only are these glasses hand-painted, but they are studded with crystals and the bottom of the glass features a martin recipe! Even the box it came in is gorgeous! I intend to collect them all - Lolita will be one happy martini glass designer!

I absolutely love martini glasses - it's how I got into designer martinis in the first place - I am an avid collector and have finally commissioned some glasses I have designed just for this site! I will be making them available as a limited edition in the very near future so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to my posts here so you'll be the first to know how to get them for your collection!



I told you I would develop a Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini and here it is! This tastes exactly like a Chocolate Covered Cherry - especially if you soaked the cherry in vodka before you dipped it in chocolate!

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Make a Martini Dessert

Did you know that you can serve dessert in a martini glass? Sure you can! Chocolate Mousse, Parfaits, plain old Jello Pudding will look elegant served up in a classy and elegant martini glass! Just spoon in your favorite dessert, top it with whipped cream and some jimmies or sprinkles and, Voila, dessert fit for a Diva!

I have even layered chocolate cake (complete with frosting!), then pudding, then whipped cream and sprinkled with crushed candy bars! Sort of a Diva take on the classic English Trifle.

So go forth, my Divas, and make a whole martini meal! Hey, why not put that chicken salad in a martin glass? Martini Chilled Soup! Martini Ceasar Salad! A Martini Shrimp Cocktail! There's all sorts of ways to use those martini glasses you love so much!
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