GRAVEYARD SUNRISE MARTINI - Halloween Cocktail #24 of 31

Halloween Cocktail #24 of 31 Monstrously Marvelous Martinis 
from The Martini Diva

The Graveyard Sunrise Martini is another great cocktail that makes use of blood orange juice, one of my favorite mixers for Halloween because of the deep, red-orange color.  This time I've made use of it in a Halloween variation of a classic Tequila Sunrise.

Not only is this a fun name for a Halloween martini, it's fun looking with a great layered look from the pomegranate syrup that settles to the bottom of your glass.  Be sure to follow the instructions on how to get the pomegranate syrup in so it settles to the bottom, it's weight is heavier than the orange juice and tequila so as long as you do it right the bottom of your Graveyard Sunrise Martini will glow like fire!

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