Sticking with my latest fascination for vintage and colonial cocktails, this drink is a tweak of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Haitian Libation as described in an article from Vanity Fair. Leo Robitschek, who recreated that libation, used 1-1/2 ounces orange juice, 3 ounces dark rum, 1 egg white and a dash brown sugar in Roosevelt's original version. Being the rebel I am (just following in our forefather's footsteps), I had to tinker with that and make it my own.

I replaced the regular rum with spiced rum, added powdered sugar, used pomegranate syrup instead of dark brown sugar* then added a dry shake to the mixing steps to get the high volume egg froth. I also adjusted the ratios to suit my personal preferences. This, like my Meringue Island Punch as well as a number of colonial cocktails, also includes egg white - another recent craze of mine.


3 Oz. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
2 Oz. Fresh Orange Juice
1 Pasteurized Egg White
2 Tsp. Pomegranate Simple Syrup
(Syrup Recipe Link below)
1 Tsp. Powdered Sugar
Orange Wheel
Cinnamon Stick

Add the spiced rum, orange juice, egg white and the powdered sugar to a blender to emulsify the mixture and build the egg foam.
Pour this into an ice filled cocktail shaker and shake until chilled.
Pour into your chilled glass, add the pomegranate syrup over the top of the foam and shake off the last drops to float on the foam.
Garnish with a fun orange wheel and cinnamon stick and serve.

Here's the techniques for making Pomegranate, and other, Simple Syrups.

If this doesn't get your spirits all ready for a happy hour revolution I'm siccing the Red Coats on you. Unless you're English, in which case, mea culpa and apologies for the Red Coats comment!

* Robitschek's recipe calls for dark brown sugar, which is basically molasses mixed with regular white cane sugar, and this pomegranate syrup has a definite molasses hint to it plus it brings in the flavor of pomegranate.

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