I was sent samples from Fernet Branca and Frozen Pints/The Ice Cream Bar and while concocting recipes with both accidentally discovered they worked together like a dream. I put together some beer floats with some chocolate stout for the ice cream post and then, because I still had most of the gynourmous bottle of chocolate stout left, decided to grab the Fernet Branca and a bottle of Sailor Jerry spiced Rum. Hey, I couldn't let that 22 ounce bottle of chocolate stout go to waste, could I?

What I ended up with tasted amazingly like a very boozy chocolate root beer float at the start. It began fairly sweet with a hit of bitter at the sides of the palate but if you added more of the chocolate stout as you drink, which I did, it got more mellow and changed character. The ice cream slowly melts as you add more stout and you end up with a creamy, foam topped chocolate licorice tinged cocktail. You also get to enjoy it longer and appreciate the change from sweet to somewhat bitter as you drink.


1 Oz Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
1/2 oz Fernet Branca
1 Oz. Dark Crème de Cacao
Chocolate Stout
1 Large Scoop Frozen Pints Malted Milk Chocolate Stout Ice Cream

GARNISH: Dark chocolate chips

TOOLS: Jigger, Cocktail shaker, Ice Cream scoop, Rocks glass, Straw

Chill your glass in the freezer.
Add the Fernet, Rum and Crème de Cacao to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake until well chilled.
Strain into your chilled glass.
Top off with chocolate stout, gently slide in a big scoop of the ice cream, sprinkle with dark chocolate chips, slide in a straw and ENJOY!

Why do I drop the ice cream in last? Because if you put the ice cream in first it will form ice crystals on the outer layer as the warmer liquids come in contact with it and it will also foam more and create nasty air pockets that make your drink experience less pleasant.

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