The ABSINTHE MINDED LEPRECHAUN, A Gin, Basil & Mint Fizz Cocktail

Absinthe MINDED LEPRECHAUN FIZZ Cocktail Recipe

I have a thing for Ramos Fizzes. I love them. I've said that before, but it bears repeating because this is my St Patrick's Day riff on two New Orleans classics, the Ramos Fizz and the Absinthe Frappé. It's really more of a Fizz than a Frappé and there's no orange flower water in the recipe, which kind of defines a Ramos. They were my inspiration because if there's ever a city for celebrating St. Patricks Day, outside of NYC, it's The Big Easy.

I played a LOT fast and loose with the ingredients, well sorta. Just remember I'm not calling this any kind of Ramos or a Frappé and those aren't very Irish names anyway.

Instructions & recipe gor the Absinthe Minded Leprechaun Fizz


1-1/2 Oz. Gin
1/4 Oz. Absinthe
1 Oz. Lemon Juice
1 Tbsp. Basil Mint Syrup*
1 Oz. of Half & Half
Pasteurized Egg White
1 Oz. Club Soda

Garnish: Fresh Basil and Mint Leaves 

Tools: Blender, Cocktail shaker 

Glass: Collins

Chill your glass.
Add all the ingredients except the soda and ice to a blender (yes, this is a dry shake cheat) and blend for 25 -30 seconds.
Add the ice to the cocktail shaker, transfer the drink from the blender and shake for 30 seconds more to chill.
Pour into your Collins glass SIMULTANEOUSLY with the soda.
Garnish, add a straw and serve.

*Here's a great recipe for Basil Mint Syrup.  I cut it in half and used equal amounts sugar and water for a slightly thicker syrup.

Voiceover Video with Ingredients & Directions:

CAUTION: Have too many and your cat might sneak a sip while you're busy doing other things ...

Updated 3-2022

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