MOMMY'S (Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Soda) SIPPY CUP!

When you become a mom your time ceases to be your own. There is rarely a moment in your day that doesn't include kid stuff and you sometimes forget how to adult. This can make happy hour a fond but distant memory, an oasis of time and cocktails that seems to be relegated to singles and the lucky few who can afford a nanny/manny.

Picking up scattered toys, wiping gooey faces, handing out juice boxes, washing sippy cups and folding the latest trendy toddler togs is fine for most of the day, but sooner or later you're going to need a little "me" time and a sippy cup all your own. You need something sinful, loaded with chocolate and energy and spiked with booze because you deserve it, you need it and you should have it. So let's get you that little moment of time and alcohol before you implode and run away from home, shall we?

Schedule nap time right around happy hour, call in the childcare reinforcements as your temporary mom stand-in and give yourself a well deserved break from motherhood. Set out the ingredients, get your comfy zone ready and start sipping away. And if one or more of the little cherubs inconveniently wake up or wander in asking what you're sipping on, just shoo them back to dreamland or temp mommy.

"No, honey, this is
(Boozed Up Chocolate Soda)

1-1/2 Oz. Homemade Toasted Maple Walnut Bourbon
Cold Pepsi (or Coke)
1 Oz. Chocolate Syrup
7 Dashes Coffee Bitters
Pinch of Smoked Salt

Garnish: Chocolate covered potato chip topped with the bourbon infused walnuts (from the homemade bourbon), biodegradable paper straws

Tools: Bar spoon

Glass: Tall glass stein

Fill your stein with ice.
Add in the chocolate syrup, the salt, the bourbon and the bitters then stir.
Top off with the cola.
Stir again for about 15 seconds.
Add the chocolate covered potato chip on top of the ice then add the bourbon walnuts on top of the chip.
Slide in the straws and serve.

I have to thank my new friend and neighbor, Trista, for the inspiration for this recipe. Not only does she have 3 children, but she and her hubbs are also busy creating a sustainable space for their family. Working, rearing kids, raising their own food and helping out their neighbors in their spare time is their  lifestyle. That always deserves a cocktail or two in my estimation so I made her this and promise more in the future!


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